Attracting (and keeping) good tenants – part 3

Over the last two months we’ve highlighted some of our tried-and-true methods for attracting long-term tenants. Everyone involved in property investment knows that great renters are the lifeblood of our industry, while the bad ones are definitely the bane. Keeping tenants and property owners happy is our number one priority. We think the tips we’ve shared over the last couple of months give a really good introduction to what we do and how we do it. So, here are the final two.

Don’t take good tenants for granted
If you’ve ever switched on A Current Affair or Today Tonight, you’ve probably caught a horror story about tenants from hell. These stories usually feature properties that have been ruined and tell tales about tenants skipping out on massive bills. Unfortunately, what we don’t hear about are the tenants who do the right thing – and there are a lot of them out there.

If you have tenants who are looking after your property and paying their rent on time, reward them. Provide these tenants with a little extra freedom (let them drill a few holes in a wall, for example) or perhaps hire a gardener to do a once-a-year spring clean. Little gestures go a long way towards building goodwill, and your tenants will remember them (and tell other people about them) for a long time to come.

Be professional – always
For anyone involved in property investing or property management, there are sure to be some situations that are going to be a little delicate. Emotions can threaten to take over, and if you’re not careful a simple difference of opinion can escalate to the point where it can’t be fixed.

We’ve learnt that it pays to be professional at all times. This is how we do it:

  • We keep all communication in writing.
  • We deal with issues quickly and fairly.
  • We always follow up and never leave issues unresolved.
  • We never threaten or argue with a tenant, regardless of the situation.
  • We avoid being ‘too friendly’.

Handling tenants, and the countless issues that go hand in hand with leasing a property, are best left to the experts. The team at Rentwest has years of experience in attracting great tenants and keeping them long term. If you have any questions about your property or your tenants, please get in touch.

Is there anything you do to keep your tenants happy? Let us know and we’ll share the best ideas on our Facebook page.