Tenants – Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

With winter on its way, now is a great time to give your home the once-over to check for potential problems.

Pay attention to these warning signs and get in touch with your property manager if you notice any of them in your home.

  1. Are power lines clear? Trees need to be at least two and a half metres clear of powerlines. Are yours free from obstructions?
  2. Are gutters free flowing? Garden debris can clog gutters. Have you noticed any issues with overflowing gutters?
  3. Notice water pooling anywhere? Check around paved areas, near gutters and drains to check that water is draining properly.
  4. How does your ceiling look? Loose or broken tiles can allow water to enter the roof space. This will cause water marks on your ceiling. Have you noticed any discoloured patches?
  5. How’s the ventilation in your bathroom and laundry? Mould is best friends with winter. It loves to hang out in the warm, wet areas of your home. To prevent mould it’s important to have good ventilation in rooms like the bathroom and laundry. Are your exhaust fans working well? Can you easily open and close windows.

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