Renting A House vs. Renting An Apartment

Choosing between renting or buying a property isn’t the only decision you’ll need to make on your search for a new living space.

If you decide to rent a Perth rental property, you will also need to decide which type of residential property best suits your individual needs and lifestyle. Do you need the additional space of a rental home, or will you be joining the growing trends towards Perth’s inner-city apartment lifestyle? Your decision will ultimately come down to budget and personal preference, but here are a few factors you may want to consider.

Perth rental homes

  • Space – Generally speaking, if you opt for a rental home you are likely to benefit from a larger living space. In addition to more interior storage space (and rooms in general), rental homes can provide tenants with additional outdoor areas and larger yards. This additional space may better suit families with multiple children or tenants seeking a pet-friendly rental property. However, renters will also need to take into consideration the higher costs of utility expenses.
  • Multi-vehicle parking – As well as more interior space, Perth rental homes will typically offer additional amenities such as multi-vehicle parking in the form of a garage or driveway. This is a huge benefit for rental homes with multiple tenants, and can be a make or break factor for modern renters.
  • Privacy – Due to the additional space that comes with rental homes, they generally offer more privacy to tenants. This means renters won’t have to worry about noise from neighbours, or equally about noise from their own family!
  • Higher maintenance – Whilst rental homes can provide tenants with additional space, this space also comes with additional responsibilities. Rental homes will typically require more upkeep and maintenance if all indoor and outdoor areas are to be kept tidy and clean!

Perth rental apartments

  • Cost – Perth rental apartments will generally provide a lower cost option compared to rental homes, especially for tenants looking to live near metropolitan areas. Renters will generally benefit from lower rental payments and cheaper utility bills due to the smaller living space. Whilst rental apartments can make inner city living more affordable, tenants and families can still find great housing deals in rural areas or suburbs further away from the city.
  • Shared facilities – Modern apartment complexes increasingly include additional facilities such as community pools, BBQ areas and shared gyms. However, tenants will often be living above or below neighbours, meaning they will have less privacy than with a rental home.
  • Lower maintenance – Rental apartments often require less maintenance than rental homes due to their smaller interior and outdoor spaces. This can better suit young renters, students or professionals seeking a low maintenance living option. However, both rental apartments and rental homes can be under the management of a professional property manager, making maintenance or improvements less of an issue for both tenants and owners.

Find a property with Rentwest

Whether you’re seeking a Perth rental home or opting for the apartment lifestyle, the Perth property management team at Rentwest can help you find a rental property to suit your individual needs and preferences. Our experienced property managers are dedicated to providing high quality rental and property management solutions to tenants and owners across Perth. Contact our property management team today on or call us on 08 9314 9888 for more information.

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