Air Conditioner Cleaning Checklist

Most of us rely on air conditioners over summer.

While they are a great way to beat the heat, they have filters that need to be cleaned every few months to ensure that their air is safe and clean.

Split-system or wall/window-mounted air conditioners

These air conditioners need filters and vents cleaned every three months. All you need to use is a wet cloth and a vacuum cleaner. Follow the basic cleaning tips below or refer to the unit’s manual if one was supplied to you.

  • The filter on split systems and wall/window-mounted units is generally behind the front panel. Gently slide the filter out.
  • Give the filter a quick vacuum to dislodge any dust.
  • Fill your sink with water and a little bit of dishwashing liquid. Gently clean the filter with a cloth so that it is see-through.
  • Lay the filter down to dry completely. Do not reinstall the filter while it is still wet.
  • When the filter is dry, reattach it to the unit.
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe down the face of the unit and remote controller.
  • Give front vents a dust with a rag or vacuum cleaner.

Reverse-cycle or evaporative cooler

Tenants can’t clean reverse-cycle or evaporative units, but you can keep vents clean and free of dust. We suggest turning on your unit in the next few weeks to check that everything is in working order. If it’s not, get in touch with your property manager so that we can arrange a service.

Change batteries on remotes

While we’re talking about air-conditioning units, we suggest changing the batteries on any remotes to ensure that your air conditioner is working as it should.

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