Advice For Property Owners

It’s never really that easy to determine exactly what you want from – well anything.

Property is the same.

Let’s be honest, the majority of us were raised in the home of our parents. I did not know that I wanted a personal maid, butler and chef until I lived on my own. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet secured them. On the other side of the spectrum I didn’t realise that I didn’t want a house with a big garden. I must say I have no interest in gardening whatsoever. When I grew up, my dad was out almost every weekend, I just got to say “we have a nice garden”. It’s amazing the things we do not notice that we want, or that we do not want in a property.

Everyone is always fixated on what they want. They want a big expensive house with great views and an infinity pool. Unfortunately this house comes with a miniscule kitchen and outside toilet. They didn’t realise that they didn’t want this. Realising what you do not want in a property is almost as important as realising what you do not want.

The biggest piece of advice I can offer to anyone looking for a property is to view as many as possible. As always, start with what you do want, this most often tends to be the location and number of bedrooms. As in the majority of cases these tend to be the non-negotiable items, make up a short list of properties available that fit these and have a look at a variety of properties. Houses, villas, apartments, new builds, character homes anything. If you have lived only in new build apartments you won’t have experienced gorgeous high ceiling lounge rooms with bay windows and exquisite cornicing and ceiling rose features, I might be a bit biased.

When you do view a property be sure to take as much time as possible. Arrive on time, and if you need to, wait until the agent must leave. Too many times people rent, sometimes buy, properties too hastily without properly ensuring the space is liveable. I don’t mean does it have a roof and all services, I mean does it truly suit their needs to live. Take my girlfriend for example, we went to view a property and she loved the views and location. Only problem was there was only room for around 6 pairs of shoes in the wardrobe. She has quite a bit more. Be sure to compare the necessities of your existing property with the one you are viewing. My golden tip, plug sockets! Make sure there are enough and in practical locations.

Be sure to view the property objectively, view it as a house, not a home. If you become emotionally attached to a property too soon you may make the wrong decision and possibly pay above market to secure it. It’s always good to take a friend or colleague who would be impartial and can offer some objective advice.

Another thing to consider is to be proactive and ahead of the game. Try and view properties before you need to make a decision, this gives you time to consider what is the right and wrong property for you. If you leave it too late you might end up having to take a rental property that doesn’t suit out of necessity.

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