Steps To Take When Your Tenant Vacates

Have you received a notice of intention to vacate property from your tenants?

If so, there are several steps you will need to take before and after your tenants leave. From finalising any outstanding debts to kick-starting your marketing process, enlisting the help of a Perth property management team could help relieve some of the administrative stress involved when a tenant vacates property.

Before a tenant vacates

Be proactive: To ensure there is a smooth end of lease transition for both tenant and landlord, an open line of communication is key. Once your tenants have notified you of their intention to vacate, be proactive and get on top of any outstanding debts early, confirming the move out date and calculating the remaining rent owed in writing via email or letter. You should also consider attaching a copy of the original property condition report, repairs and maintenance form, and moving out checklist.

Pre-vacating inspection: Organising a rental inspection before the final move out date will help your tenants leave your Perth rental property in its best condition. Whilst the expectation of property will be outlined in the original condition report, a pre-vacating inspection will allow you to identify any areas that require some extra attention from either yourself or tenants.

After a tenant vacates

Outgoing inspection: The end of lease inspection is crucial in determining whether the tenant will receive their full bond back. However, it also provides an opportunity for landlords to ensure their rental property is ready for new tenants. Having a Perth property manager conduct the inspection on your behalf will help you ensure the property is thoroughly checked and left in the same condition set out in the original property report. This is also an opportunity for landlords to receive property advice on any suggested updates or improvements that may increase rental value and appeal.

Freshen up the property: Whilst your Perth rental property is unoccupied, this is a great opportunity for some much-needed property maintenance or updates. If the recent tenants have been living in the property for a long time, some of the fixtures or appliances may be outdated and could devalue your rental property. A fresh coat of paint, new carpets, or updated fixtures could be the simple improvements you need to increase your rental property value.

Deciding on price: If a long-term tenant has recently vacated, it might be time for a rental price re-evaluation. Developments in the area, property renovations and changes to the local rental market could all affect the value of your rental. A property manager will give you the property advice you need to ensure your rental property remains competitive in the current market.

Kickstart marketing early: When putting your property back on the market, you will need to decide whether to advertise privately or enlist the help of a Perth property management team to market the property for you. In addition to relieving the stress of endless administration and property viewings, working with a Perth property management team will also give you access to resources such as REIWA listings to help you reach out to more potential tenants in the area.

Marketing your rental property with tips from Rentwest

If your tenant has recently vacated and you are looking for ways to improve the value of you Perth rental property, speak to the experts at Rentwest. Our team of Perth property managers can help market your rental property to a wider audience, and vet potential candidates to ensure you find the right tenant. For more information about our property management solutions, visit the Rentwest website or contact us on

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