Six Ways To Keep Your Tenants Happy

Good tenants are worth the investment.

So when you do have a renter that you like, how do you convince them to stay put? Here are six simple things that owners can do to keep those quality tenants for longer.

Make a good first impression

This gets things off on the right foot and sets the tone for the relationship. If you are professional and respectful from the outset, your tenants are more likely to respond in kind. It also reinforces for new tenants that they made a good decision in renting your property and that it’s an arrangement worth keeping. Onboarding a new tenant is often the first opportunity to make a positive impression. That’s why Rentwest property managers meet tenants at the property rather than handing over keys at an office. They do a walkthrough together to make sure everything is in order, answer any questions the tenants have, and welcome them personally to their new home.

Add a personal touch

Something else that Rentwest property managers do is to present a small gift of a candle with the keys. It’s a small cost but adding a personal touch into a business transaction truly helps Rentwest to stand out from other property managers and landlords. Little things like remembering the names of your tenant’s children are an easy way to foster goodwill and begin to build tenant loyalty. Another simple idea is to send a greeting over the holiday season. It takes very little effort to send an email or text, but it goes a long way towards making your tenants feel well looked after.

Be responsive

Even if you can’t fix an issue straight away, responding promptly when a tenant reaches out makes you look professional and puts them at ease since they know the problem is being dealt with. If you are not available to take calls or respond to emails and texts during the day, get a property manager who can. Not only is it a property manager’s job to be responsive to tenants, but a good property manager will prioritise communication with the landlord too, keeping you informed of what’s going on at your property in a timely manner.

Stay in touch

Don’t only talk to your tenants when there’s a problem. You can proactively check in every few months to make sure things are going well and answer any questions that have cropped up. This helps avoid misunderstandings and can nip any potential issues in the bud. To keep the lines of communication open, Rentwest regularly talks to renters during their tenancy and sends them surveys seeking feedback. This feedback is incredibly important — people move for all sorts of reasons but understanding why this tenant chose not to renew could help you retain your next one.

Keep on top of maintenance

Again, being proactive can save you headaches down the track. A tenant may not notice an issue until it affects them, or they may not want to “bother” you with a seemingly small problem. And according to a report from 2018, 44% of Australian tenants are hesitant to report maintenance or repairs because they’re worried about being evicted. That’s why it’s important to conduct regular inspections that give you a chance to spot potential issues before they become problems. It also shows the tenant that you are invested in maintaining a safe and comfortable home for them. It also sets a precedent: if you’re not taking very good care of the property, they may not feel that they need to take care of it either.

Choose your property manager carefully

When you are choosing someone to oversee your property, make sure it’s someone with solid experience and an excellent reputation. Rentwest is proud that 91% of its new business in 2019 came via referrals from existing owners and tenants. To us there is no better measure of success than clients who are so satisfied that they will recommend us to friends and family.

If you need help managing your Perth rental property contact our team today.

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