The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Homes

According to the Department of the Environment and Energy, Australian households generate almost one fifth of the nation’s greenhouse gases through everyday energy use and the decay of household waste in landfill.

However, as Australian homeowners become more aware of energy consumption and the effect it can have on the environment, eco-friendly homes are rising in popularity. Whilst these environmentally-friendly properties yield obvious benefits for the environment, going green with your rental property can also benefit property investors and tenants alike.

What is an eco-friendly home? 

When we think about eco-friendly homes, we often imagine solar panels and the minor changes we can make to conserve energy. Whilst these are all great ways to become eco-friendly, transforming your home into a “green” property isn’t just about switching off that unnecessary lighting. There are many ways to make your Perth property an eco-friendly hub.

  • Design – Nowadays, many eco-friendly homes are designed to take advantage of the natural climate. This is known as “passive design” and, when done correctly, it can reduce the need for household heating and cooling significantly. By making use of natural sources of heat and cooling (such as the sun or shade), a passive design can help homeowners and investors maintain ideal temperature in their Perth property. A passive design may involve choosing the best orientation for the property, making the most of shading, or ensuring your property is well-insulated. Whilst it’s easier to design an eco-friendly home from the get go, renovations can be made to existing properties to improve their eco-friendly design.
  • Material – The materials you use to construct your home can also determine the environmental “status” of your property. Opting for sustainable, durable and recycled materials during construction could decrease the need for new materials further down the line and minimise the environmental impact of homebuilding, both during the extraction of building materials and construction phase.
  • Energy efficient additions – Creating an eco-friendly home isn’t just about building an eco-friendly home, it’s also about lessening your environmental impact as a property owner or tenant. Renewable additions such as solar panels and rainwater tanks can help you increase your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

The benefits of going eco-friendly 

  • Greater energy efficiency – The obvious benefit of eco-friendly homes is they are more energy efficient than traditional properties. By using natural and/or renewable resources to convert and store energy, homeowners can reduce their consumption of non-renewable energy sources that contribute to greenhouse gases.
  • Reduced energy bills – Environmentally-friendly additions such as solar panels and hot water pumps won’t necessarily add to the value of your Perth rental property, but they could hold a huge appeal for tenants. After the initial investment, renewable solutions such as solar power could save homeowners and tenants significant money on their monthly utility bills. If you’re renting out your Perth investment property to tenants, it’s worth emphasising the benefits of living in an eco-friendly home. Alternatively, as a homeowner these improvements could help you cut the costs of property ownership.
  • Durable design – Eco-friendly homes constructed from durable and sustainable materials often require less maintenance over time. This can reduce the stress (and costs) of extensive renovations further down the line whilst also minimising the amount of household waste hitting landfill each year.

Caring for your Perth rental property 

Whether you’re an investor looking to manage your properties, or a tenant seeking advice on rentals, the property management team at Rentwest can provide the solutions you need to make the most out of your Perth rental property. From maintenance to property management, our Perth-based team offer a range of services to ensure both property investors and tenants remain happy with their home.

For more information about our specialist property management services, contact a member of the Rentwest team on 9314 9888 or email us at

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