A note for our tenants: How’s your garden looking?

How's your garden looking?

The last few days have been scorching hot, which can be bad news for gardens. We know that our tenants do their best to stay on top of the gardening duties but we wanted to remind you of two things you should consider doing now.

Apply a wetting agent

Using a liquid soil-wetting agent (like Super Soil Wetter or Wettasoil Professional) will aid water in penetrating the soil. This is especially handy in times of extreme heat because it means that, when you water your garden, the moisture will be delivered to the roots instead of running off due to poor penetration.

Apply fertiliser

Your garden needs food, so fertilise in small amounts but often. If you give plants too much food when they’re under stress (like during a heat wave) it can make the problem worse. It’s best to use a water-soluble fertiliser so you can feed while you water.

Image credit: hummyhummy)