We’re Changing The Way Property Management is Done in WA.

A lot has changed in our first seven years of business. Advances in technology, along with increasing rental market and consumer demand, have dramatically changed the day-to-day lives of our property managers. To continue providing excellent service, and to ensure we’re meeting your expectations, we’re changing the way we manage your property.

What is changing?

Doing property management the old way, one person would manage a portfolio of more than 100 properties. This person was solely responsible for each property’s day-to-day running—organising and attending inspections, dealing with contractors, and fixing problems. While this system has worked well for us, we realised that for us to enhance our customer service even further we needed to find a better way.

The result will be a holistic, integrated service where our owners and tenants will still have the same familiar person working on the management of their property with other members also being able to assist when their property manager is not available.   This will allow us to carry-on with the daily management while still providing the level of service our clients expect.

We’re saying goodbye to the old way and launching WA’s first team-based property management solution. Instead of having only one point of contact our clients and customers will now be cared for by a team of six specialists.

Here are just some of the ways our new team-based approach will help you.

  • This team will be focused on making your experience with Rentwest the best that it can be as there will be a staff to property ratio of 60 properties.
  • You’ll be able to speak to any member of your team about your concerns, knowing they’ll be up-to-speed and able to help you immediately.
  • We have put together a team of specialists in leasing, managing and negotiation to work collaboratively on your property.
  • Tasks will be completed more quickly because there will be more people to help share the load.
  • The team will be able to draw on its decades’ worth of experience to provide even better support and guidance.

Suzanne Brown, Director of Rentwest, said “Although the change is still in its infancy, in the short time the structure has been running we have seen an improvement in response times to emails and phone calls.   We believe strongly in delivering a high standard of service and will continue to improve and enhance the way property is managed”.

We believe this shift in how we manage properties will only strengthen Rentwest’s reputation for innovation and forward thinking. We’d love your comments on our new vision for the company, and invite you to contact Michelle Rigg if you have any questions or comments, michelle@rentwest.com.au