How To Prepare Your Property For A Tenancy.

So, you’ve got a property that you’re preparing to rent out. Whether you’re moving out, or it’s an investment property, there are lots of things you must do to get your property ready for a tenancy and maximise interest (and potentially rent). Here’s our what-to-do checklist.

Step 1: Redirect your mail

If you’re moving out of the property, make sure you redirect your mail to your new address. All you have to do is complete a form for Australia Post.

Step 2: Inform your utilities providers

Make sure all of your utilities accounts are updated and cancelled, as required. The only services at the property that should remain in your name, albeit with your new address, are water and council rates, unless you’d like us to pay them on your behalf. Contact us to discuss the pros and cons.

Step 3: Leave all appliance manuals for your tenants

If you have instruction manuals for the appliances in your property, leave them in plain sight on the kitchen counter. If you’ve lost an instruction booklet, you can often download a copy from the manufacturer’s website.

Step 4: Don’t forget the keys

You’ll need at least two sets of keys – one set for your tenants, and one for our office.

Step 5: Clean your property thoroughly

A little DIY and decorating can freshen up your property and make it more appealing to potential tenants. But even if you don’t have time to spruce up your property, it makes sense to clean.

Your tenants will expect their new home to be clean, just as you’ll expect it to be clean at the end of their tenancy, ready for your next tenants. So here’s an indoor checklist:

  • Clean dirty marks, mould, dust and cobwebs off walls, doors, ceilings and skirtings.
  • Dust and clean light fittings, ceiling fans and air conditioning vents, and ensure all globes are working.
  • Brush down and dust fly screens and screen doors.
  • Wash windows inside and out, including sills and runners.
  • Clean and degrease the kitchen: ovens, stove tops, racks, trays, vents, fan covers, filters etc.
  • Wash all cupboards and drawers, inside and out.
  • Clean bathrooms, toilets and laundry (look out for mould), and ensure all sinks have a plug.
  • Mop or wash all hard floors and, ideally, have all carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Wash or dry clean all curtains, and dust blinds.

Outside, make sure that:

  • Lawns are mowed and edged, and garden beds are weeded.
  • All rubbish and organic waste is removed.
  • Gutters are clear from debris.
  • Paths, driveways and garages are swept and clean, with oil and barbeque grease marks removed.
  • All tools are removed from the property, unless you are leaving items or equipment that can be used to maintain the property (spare roof tiles, paint, pool cleaning equipment etc).

And if you have a pet, make a point of:

  • Removing all visible pet hair, fur and, of course, droppings.
  • Rectifying damage (dirty marks, stains, chew marks, claw damage etc).

Want more tips from our property management specialists?

Learn about finding the right tenant and download our free Owner’s Handbook – it’s packed with useful info, including advice on tenancy legislation. Or, for some guidance advice, contact us.