Our Guide To Finding The Right Tenant.

You can do a lot to make your property appeal to potential tenants, so you can pick the best and maximise your rent. Why not give your property a makeover, or simply check out our tips on preparing your property, then allow us to find the right tenant for you.

Check, check and check again

As your property managers, we ask all prospective tenants to complete an application form (we have hard copy and online versions). But that’s just the start of our applicant checking process.

Armed with an applicant’s application info and permission to check their details, we’ll assess and confirm their:

  • Employment history and financials – we look for a stable employment background
  • Next of kin and emergency contacts
  • Tenancy history – we check the national REIWA and TICA databases for bad tenant reports

We also meet and interview short-listed candidates in person – an invaluable part of the vetting process that draws on our team’s extensive experience as property management specialists.

Our investment in your property

Finding the right tenant is a priority for us, as well as you. Good tenants are good for our business and your returns. That’s why we insist on checking applicants thoroughly and cover the cost of all searches.

To find out more about how we can help you find the right tenant, download our free Owner’s Handbook – it’s packed with useful ideas, info and insights. Alternatively, contact our team.