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We don’t like to keep people waiting at Rentwest – tenants or property owners. That’s why we have dedicated business development managers, ready and waiting to appraise your property.

That’s not to say we’ll rush your appraisal

We’ll be as thorough as only an independent property management agency can be – you know you’ll get the best advice because this is our specialty. So book your appraisal, anytime, anywhere in Perth.

For an accurate, obligation free appraisal by RentWest either call on 9314 9888 or complete and submit the form below.

  • Location of property to be appraised if different to the above address

Want some more free property investment advice?

Contact our partners at Custom Financial Solutions. They’re also experts when it comes to rental properties and will be happy to give you an investment finance health-check, so you know you have the best rate and finance structure for your portfolio. Contact the Custom team.