Property Owners, We Get You.

We’re property management specialists at Rentwest, so we understand your priorities (just as intimately as we understand Perth’s rental property market). So allow us to protect you and your property.

  • Book an appraisal. As property management specialists, we have dedicated experts ready and waiting to appraise your property, no delay, no obligation. Tap in to our expertise.
  • Find the right tenant. There’s an art to finding the right tenant and, in turn, maximising your returns while minimising stress levels. Read about our thorough applicant-checking process.
  • Prepare your property. Want to know how to get your property ready for tenancy? Take a look at our what-to-do checklist.
  • Download our Owner’s Handbook. Full of useful info, ideas and tenancy legislation insights, our guide for property owners is indispensable. And it’s free. Download your copy.
  • Finance your investment. Have you got the right property investment finance? The best rate? The ideal structure? Could you borrow more? Get the answers from the experts.
  • Check out our portfolio. From small suburban rental units, to executive leasing in Perth’s most prestigious locations, our portfolio of rental properties is as broad as our geographical reach across the metro area. Here are just some of the properties we’ve leased recently.