Our Property Management Journey.

Since we started out in 2007, we’ve come a long way – metaphorically and geographically. Today, we are arguably Perth’s leading property management specialists, spanning the Perth metro region.

The key to making it big? Keeping it small

While we now have clients and manage properties everywhere from Alkimos to Mandurah and Midland to Fremantle, we are, at heart, the same company we always were.

We still operate from a central office in Applecross. We still work in small teams with small portfolios. Indeed, many of our people have been with us from the start, so there’s a wealth of experience within our team and a reassuring sense of continuity for tenants and clients alike.

In short, we’ve grown to meet demand for our specialist property management services, but without losing sight of the boutique, personalised philosophy that has taken us so far, winning awards and new clients every step of the way.

Meet our team and find out more about joining us, or learn about the keep-it-small thinking and specialist property management philosophy that have enabled us to grow with our clients.